It’s spring and the sweet wind is just begging to touch more of your skin after the winter months had you bundling up.

It’s just about time for you to start preparing for bikini season too, so you’re planning to lose the pounds you gained. The problem is you’re not satisfied with the way you’re losing weight, so you’re thinking of taking diet pills.

However, before you do head off to the pharmacy to buy any, remember that you take risks with your health if you try to lose more than the recommended weight loss of one to two pounds a week. Also, if you’re going to try to lose weight, make sure you avoid these deadly pills.

Deadly – as in they could really kill you.

  • The K-E diet – is also known as the feeding tube or nose drip diet. It makes you insert a naso-gastric tube into your nose and let a nutrient solution drip through it to your stomach. It limits your calorie intake down to 800 calories a day because you don’t eat solid food while you undergo the dripping procedure. The most important is to find a doctor who will watch you go through this.

Why It’s No Good: There’s a high risk of inflammation and infection since you will have a feeding tube inside your body from the nose to the stomach.

This will put you in ketosis, the body’s metabolic state that lets it burn fat and not glucose for energy. It will allow you to lose weight, true, but it also raises the level of ketones in your blood. This stresses the kidneys and the liver.

  • Brazilian Diet PillThe Brazilian Diet Pill – this pill contains Librium, Prozac and Fenproporex. The United States Food and Drug Administration has already released a warning against this drug.

Why It’s No Good: Models who had been taking it suffered from extreme mood swings due to the uppers and downers in this pill. They also had strange symptoms, like being extremely sensitive to touch.

  • The Japanese Weight Loss Pill – it goes by another name: Xiushentang. It comes in blue, yellow and green and is marketed as Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills. It has among other ingredients, phenolphthalein and sibutramine, another weight loss drug.

Why It’s No Good: The FDA has listed down phenolphthalein as a possible carcinogen and in 2010, the drug sibutramine was recalled because it caused a high risk of stroke and heart attacks.

  • Qnexa – this is a combination of existing weight loss drugs that are in its final phase of testing. Nalextrone, a drug used for alcoholism, lorcaserin, an appetite suppressant and contrive which is a mix of bupropion, an antidepressant which is used to quit smoking.

Why It’s No Good: there is a high likelihood of dangerous side effects because this drug affects your metabolism.

Don’t just hope to lose weight – make sure you are safe as well. Avoid these dangerous pills and talk to your doctor first before taking any.

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