Obesity is becoming a common condition in the world nowadays. Its incidence could be primarily attributed to the increasing popularity of fast food chains all over the world.

Many processed foods are also becoming popular and its easy access to the population makes it a favorite of many.

Even if most people know that through eating these fast food items would make them obese, some still won’t stop patronizing them and still continue in risking their lives for future health and obesity problems.

Diet and Exercise

diet and exerciseEven though many people are getting fatter and fatter every day, there are still those who regret their past acts and believe in the idea that they could revert them.

By going on exercise and diet plans, a person would be able to shed off the extra pounds (or maybe kilos) that he or she gained the past few days or months. However, going on diets and exercise would entail commitment and determination for it to be effective.

Problems with Diet and Exercise

Most of the people who go on diets and exercise are the ones who are in the working age group.

Thus the problem with being able to comply with exercise and diet would be important since these people are usually busy and don’t have the constant time of going to the sports gym to do some exercise.

Going on a diet is also a problem since this entails determination and discipline for it to really work. However, failure rate for those who go on meal diets would be quite high.

Diet Pills

In order to solve these problems with regards to meal diets and exercise, pharmaceutical companies have created diet pills.

A diet pill is a form of an oral medication that one could take in if one wishes to lose weight. With diet pills, a person would no longer worry on being able to eat plenty of foods and getting fat. He or she would also no need to worry about the missed days that he or she will incur in the gym.

How do diet pills work?

As mentioned earlier, diet pills are oral medications taken in by people who want to avoid obesity but do not have enough time of going to the sports gym or undergo a meal diet plan.

Different kinds of diet pills would offer different mechanisms. Most of these diet pills would be taken in during meals to avoid the fat absorption of the body with the excess food that they eat.

In other words, it prevents the formation of fat cells that is responsible for the obese figure of a person.

There are also diet pills that makes a person feel satiated a few minutes that it has been taken in and this would result to eating lesser amount of food during meals and prevention of excess calories to be converted to fat.

These diet pills when taken responsibly can be effective but when couple with exercise, it could be much more effective and could help in the fast decrease of fat cell storage in the body.

Hemorrhoids are veins that have become swollen and inflamed. They may form around the anus and are called external hemorrhoids.

Some can form inside the lower rectum and are called internal hemorrhoids. They can be very painful when you have a bowel movement and itch a lot.

You will also be very uncomfortable when you sit. If you eat a diet which is naturally rich in fiber, you can have soft feces which you can pass easily.

Kinds of Fiber

  • Soluble fiber – this collects the water in your digestive tract. Later on, it becomes like jelly which slows down your digestion.
  • Insoluble fiber – it stays in your system, intact. It moves through your intestines to push out the waste and increases the bulk of your feces.


Fruits which have soft parts like the apple or orange give us soluble fiber. Majority of fruits give us soluble fiber since they have soft, fleshy inside parts.

If you consume the outer part of a fruit that is tough, it is rich in soluble fiber. Berry and pear skins, citrus fruit veins and peels from apples are rich in insoluble fiber.

Eat the whole fruit and not just its juice because you will get all the fiber you need this way.

Hemorrhoid Treatment: Fiber

Lifestyle changes and most importantly, diet can lessen inflammations and swelling caused by hemorrhoids. If you eat a lot of fibrous foods like fruits, you can reduce strain when you have a bowel movement.

Fiber makes your stool bulky and soft, so you’ll have an easier time passing them. This will reduce the pain and pressure on your hemorrhoids.

Amount of Fiber To Eat

Relieve the pain of hemorrhoids and enhance your digestion by eating about 14 grams of fiber per 1000 calories.

If you have a diet with 2,000 calories, you will need to have 28 grams of fiber to offset it. For hemorrhoid relief, eat whole fruits since they contain the two types of fiber you need.

Food To Avoid When You Have Hemorrhoids

  • Processed Food

processed foodThis kind of food has a high animal fat content and very little fiber. They can raise the risk of having hemorrhoids because they don’t have roughage.

Roughage can help make stool soft and move gently through the intestines. Prepackaged, boxed and canned food must be lessened in your diet.

  • Foods That Are Highly-Refined

Pastries, white bread, cookies, sugary cereals, white rice and prepackaged cakes are not easy to digest.

They have very little dietary fiber and may cause strained passing of stools and constipation. Painless and soft bowel movements are produced by fiber.

  • Alcohol and Caffeine

Caffeine and alcohol must be eliminated from your diet if you have hemorrhoids. The water supply in your body will be diminished by these substances, so your stool will be dry and small.

Eat more whole fruits daily to add more fiber into your diet to lessen the chances of hemorrhoids forming. It will also diminish the hemorrhoids you already have.

You’ll be surprised to know that there are certain habits that may sound a little bizarre, but are actually great at helping you lose weight.

Let’s kick start your weight loss by checking out these wonderfully strange but very helpful habits.

  • sniff an appleSniff a peppermint, banana or an apple – it sounds ridiculous, but it’s very effective. A study showed that the more people sniffed a fruit, the more weight they lost. This is because you become less hungry when you sniff something. There is a theory that states if you sniff a piece of food, you are essentially tricking your brain that you are eating it. So instead of indulging in a brownie, pick up a peppermint stick and keep it in your pocket instead.
  • Watch yourself eat – you can cut into the amount you eat into a third by placing a mirror in front of you while you eat. A study showed that if you look yourself in the eye, you will be able to remember your goals more. It will strengthen your standards and remind you of the many reasons why you want to lose weight. Choose a mirror in a size that can allow you to see yourself clearly.
  • Blue is the way to go!Doesn’t it seem strange that no fast-food restaurant has blue décor? Shocking fact: Blue is the color that helps to suppress appetite. That’s why try to use blue tablecloths, blue napkins, dress in blue and choose blue china. Make sure you don’t use orange, red and yellow at your dining room. These colors enhance your appetite.
  • Photo opportunity – it’s better to take a picture of your food, rather than to write down everything you had. It’s great to save it in your computer or phone by date as well. It will help to suppress your appetite if you see a visual image. People tend to stop and think about their food consumption if they can see what they had. The urge to indulge is lessened. The style or design and other whatnot are not necessary. Just a phone camera is effective. If you’re at a salad bar and you make a plate of heaping vegetables, it’s not yet a victory. Snap that plate and you might be able to see the extra helping of deep-fried croutons or the vegetables swimming in cheese. If you have such a visual reminder, it will give you enough time to consider before you pick up that ladle of blue cheese dressing.
  • Ribbons – there are some women in France who use a ribbon to curb their appetites. They tie it around their waist and cover it up with their clothes when they’re out and about at dinnertime. It helps to remember your appetite and to curb it – especially if the ribbon starts to get uncomfortably tight as the evening turns into night.

With these slightly bizarre but fun weight loss tips, you can stick to your goals and achieve them with flying colors.

You may want to try hcg diet drops to lose weight safely.

The colon has always been very necessary for our health and safety. This is the reason why also needs to be kept clean and protected.

The needed nutrients of our body are also soaked up by this organ. Not only that, it makes sure that the dangerous toxic substances are passed from our body through our waste.

If the colon is blocked by toxic substances, it cannot fulfill its role of soaking up the needed nutrients for your body. This can cause health problems.

Where Did Colon Cleanse Come From?

Colon cleanse is one of the lasting reminders of the ancient Egyptian culture. They were the first known to practice cleansing the colon. It was written in the Eber papyrus, an ancient medical record in 1500 B.C.

The ancient Egyptians used river reeds from the Nile to flush the rectum with water. They wrote that enemas have a complicated role to play to keep people healthy and fit.

Colon cleanse was introduced to the United States in the 1920s. It was touted to be a medical treatment to cure people who had problems in their gastrointestinal tract. Later on, it was used normally as a form of treatment in clinics and hospitals for decades after it was introduced.

Why Is It Important?

We all know that keeping our bodies clean keeps illnesses away. The same can be said for cleansing our colon.

There are many free radicals and environmental toxins that enter our body. Even if we eat a healthy diet with vitamins, minerals and fiber and avoid unhealthy food, toxins can still enter our system.

They would enter through the largest organ of the body, the skin. Later on, they would make their way into our colon.

What Is The Purpose of Colon Cleanse?

Colon cleanse can be used in conjunction with different kinds of medications. It can also enter your body through a different way. They have one very important purpose.

This is to remove unwanted toxins from our colon. There are colon cleanses that target only the lower bowel, but some are used to clean the whole area.

The techniques used for colon cleanse are used in order to support and promote healthy bacteria in your digestive system. It boosts the strength of the immune system, and gives you more energy. You also lose weight and your body’s nutrient absorption is heightened.

How Does A Colon Cleanse Work?

drinking a lot of waterThere are various methods used to perform a colon cleanse. Certified colon hydrotherapists perform enemas and colonic irrigations.

Water that has already been filtered is gently dripped into the colon so the muscles will contract. The muscles will then be able to dislodge the waste through a safe, disposable speculum.

Other colon cleansers are foods. Some are supplements that are taken as pills, dilutions, or drinks.

If you want to use a colon cleanse treatment or food, make sure you drink a lot of water. This will keep you hydrated during the entire process and not leave you weak.

The most important thing to remember about raspberry ketones is that it’s primarily a compound aroma that comes from red raspberries.

It’s main benefit the regulation of adiponectin, a substance that aids the body in breaking down fats and helps you lose weight.

Because of the natural ingredients of raspberry ketones and its positive effects on the human body, it is a totally natural way to lose excess weight.

There is one thing you need to remember, however: it can’t work effectively by itself. You need to have a healthy diet plan to partner the supplement. This will help the body to lose weight efficiently.

Take a look at the list of correct foods you can eat with raspberry ketones.

  • Raw Vegetables – the first thing you eat would be raw vegetables. They are important parts of any diet program for losing weight. It also helps to improve the efficacy of many supplements, and that includes raspberry ketones. This is because raw vegetables have many minerals, fiber, vitamins and enzymes. These are nutrients that can become the catalysts for some supplements to help improve their efficacy. Some of these vegetables can also help with the production of the adiponectin protein, which helps your body to burn fats at a regular and rapid pace.

Examples of these vegetables are spinach, carrots, beet root, lemon, cabbage and broccoli. You are also free to eat other types of vegetables that you like.

Any and all vegetables have no problems in terms of compatibility with raspberry ketones. If the vegetable helps enhance the body’s detoxification process, go ahead and eat it.

If it cleanses your digestive tract, then it would be a great addition to your diet.

  • pineappleFresh Fruits – fresh fruits, just like raw vegetables can also help in the improvement of the effectiveness of raspberry ketones. Don’t forget that fruits also have many nutrients and natural forms of sugar. Oranges and grapefruits are good examples of fruits that work well with raspberry ketones. They have a lot of Vitamin C which enhances raspberry ketones’ detoxification. You can also add limes, berries, papaya, pineapples and apples to your diet.

Take note however that there are some fruits you need to avoid. This is because some the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones may be impeded.

These fruits that can cause problems are bananas, avocados and mangoes.

  • Eggs and Meat – raspberry ketones does not lose effectiveness when you eat meat. You can eat turkey and chicken meat, but they must be broiled, roasted or grilled. Fried food is out of the question. Eggs are also a good substitute for meat if you are on a raspberry ketones diet.
  • Seafood – this food is not taboo if you are on a raspberry ketones diet. Seafood has omega-3 fatty acids and are easier to burn than meat.

Your metabolism greatly influences the efficacy of raspberry ketones. If you make changes to your diet, avoid those foods mentioned above so your metabolism will not have problems.

It’s spring and the sweet wind is just begging to touch more of your skin after the winter months had you bundling up.

It’s just about time for you to start preparing for bikini season too, so you’re planning to lose the pounds you gained. The problem is you’re not satisfied with the way you’re losing weight, so you’re thinking of taking diet pills.

However, before you do head off to the pharmacy to buy any, remember that you take risks with your health if you try to lose more than the recommended weight loss of one to two pounds a week. Also, if you’re going to try to lose weight, make sure you avoid these deadly pills.

Deadly – as in they could really kill you.

  • The K-E diet – is also known as the feeding tube or nose drip diet. It makes you insert a naso-gastric tube into your nose and let a nutrient solution drip through it to your stomach. It limits your calorie intake down to 800 calories a day because you don’t eat solid food while you undergo the dripping procedure. The most important is to find a doctor who will watch you go through this.

Why It’s No Good: There’s a high risk of inflammation and infection since you will have a feeding tube inside your body from the nose to the stomach.

This will put you in ketosis, the body’s metabolic state that lets it burn fat and not glucose for energy. It will allow you to lose weight, true, but it also raises the level of ketones in your blood. This stresses the kidneys and the liver.

  • Brazilian Diet PillThe Brazilian Diet Pill – this pill contains Librium, Prozac and Fenproporex. The United States Food and Drug Administration has already released a warning against this drug.

Why It’s No Good: Models who had been taking it suffered from extreme mood swings due to the uppers and downers in this pill. They also had strange symptoms, like being extremely sensitive to touch.

  • The Japanese Weight Loss Pill – it goes by another name: Xiushentang. It comes in blue, yellow and green and is marketed as Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills. It has among other ingredients, phenolphthalein and sibutramine, another weight loss drug.

Why It’s No Good: The FDA has listed down phenolphthalein as a possible carcinogen and in 2010, the drug sibutramine was recalled because it caused a high risk of stroke and heart attacks.

  • Qnexa – this is a combination of existing weight loss drugs that are in its final phase of testing. Nalextrone, a drug used for alcoholism, lorcaserin, an appetite suppressant and contrive which is a mix of bupropion, an antidepressant which is used to quit smoking.

Why It’s No Good: there is a high likelihood of dangerous side effects because this drug affects your metabolism.

Don’t just hope to lose weight – make sure you are safe as well. Avoid these dangerous pills and talk to your doctor first before taking any.

Hemorrhoids are veins in the anus and lower part of the rectum that have become irritated and swollen. Internal hemorrhoids grow in the rectum itself.

External ones grow beneath the skin around the anus. If there are blood clots that form inside these hemorrhoids, they will inflict pressure and cause a lot of pain. Some of the reasons why they form are severe strain when you have a bowel movement and constipation.

Because of increased pressure in the abdomen during pregnancy, many women have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can also form if you sit or stand for too long.

Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

  • sitz bathsReduce the itch and swelling by taking sitz baths. You can buy a bathing seat at the pharmacy or get one from your doctor. If you have a bathtub, fill it for a few inches. Soak your bottom for at least ten minutes, and repeat this several times each day, especially after a bowel movement. After you finish this treatment, dry your anal area with patting movements. Don’t rub it.
  • Look for a hemorrhoid cream which has lidocaine or any other topical anesthetic. This reduces the itchiness and irritation by numbing the area. Suppositories and creams that have hydrocortisone can be used too. However, don’t use them for more than seven days. You might have skin irritations if you do so.
  • Put witch hazel on a cotton ball and apply it to the anal area. There are also pre-soaked pads at pharmacies which are safe for use if you need to do so for a long time.
  • Bathe in warm water daily to cleanse the anal area. Prevent and relieve pressure by sitting on a cushion. This also prevents new hemorrhoids from growing.
  • To reduce the itchy feeling, wear cotton underwear.

Lifestyle Changes for Hemorrhoid Prevention

  • Eat more fiber. Fruit, vegetables, wheat and oat bran are good foods to add to your diet. You can also take a fiber supplement. Drink more water along with the extra fiber. Eight or more glasses of water or other fluids should be your goal. Your stool will become soft and this will greatly reduce the chances of hemorrhoids forming. You will definitely experience either bloating or increased gas when you eat more fiber, so do this addition slowly.
  • Exercise daily for the stimulation of your bowels and constipation can be prevented. Pressure on the veins in your anus and rectum will be reduced if you are more active. This will also help you maintain your weight. If you’re a little heavy, it will increase the chances of you having hemorrhoids.
  • If you have the urge for a bowel movement, don’t delay it. You can ask your doctor if you can get stool softening treatment.

Sometimes home treatments for hemorrhoids don’t work. You can ask your doctor if it’s possible for you to have rubber band ligation treatment, infrared or laser coagulation.

You can have these done in a surgeon’s office or at a hospital.

Going to the beach has always been one of the best things to do. Exploring the surf, enjoying the wind on your body and swimming to your heart’s content.

Of course, the gustatory pleasure of enjoying new kinds of food is part of the experience. You don’t want to miss a single thing.

What you do want to stay away is those unwanted pounds and have fun with your weight loss.

  • runningUse the venue to your advantage – the beach isn’t just a place that you can enjoy wonderful photo opportunities at. It’s also the perfect place to burn up some calories. Your body won’t experience as much repeated stress because the sand will lessen the impact. After a run, you can always dive into the amazing blue waters to cool off. If you think the sea is more attractive, don’t go straight out when you swim. To be safe, swim along the shoreline, and follow its length. If that’s not going to cut it, forget what you’re doing for a while and splash in the water.
  • Take a quick turn around the beach – one of the easiest ways to burn up calories while enjoying the scenery is to walk. A fun way of adding spice to a relaxing stroll is to alternate it with brisk walks. It’s as easy as setting a target landmark on your sights. When you reach it, start walking at your normal pace once more so you can recover. Then do the same thing all over again. For stronger cardiovascular exertion that will strengthen your lungs and heart, walking with a high effort is best. It will also jack up your metabolism so you can burn fat faster and more efficiently.
  • Pack your snacks – if you get lost or your flight gets delayed, you might have your hunger pains. This is the fastest way to gain calories since there are a lot of high-calorie, sugary foods available at the airport. Worse, you won’t stay full for long if you eat baked goods, chocolate bars, candy and chips. They’ll only intensify the craving for sugars and carbohydrates while you travel. Prep for your travels with snacks like dried fruits, seeds and nuts, whole wheat crackers with peanut butter or your best option – granola bars that are high in fiber.
  • Be careful of your alcohol intake – a few margaritas while watching the sunset sounds very relaxing, but those drinks are worth 200 calories each and can add up to more pounds than you want on you. There is a very high possibility that you will make a lot of unhealthy choices when it comes to food. Choose drinks that aren’t too sugary. Switch to a diet pop instead of regular pop. Make sure you drink enough water in between alcoholic drinks so you hydrate yourself.

Going on a vacation will always be a fun and unforgettable experience. Make it even more unforgettable by not taking extra pounds home, but leaving them at the beach. Find out which is the best weight loss pills on the market!

Harmful toxins, free radicals and other potentially dangerous substances are brought into the colon so that they will be removed from the body. They will pass harmlessly through our waste. That’s why we use colon cleanse.

This is a way to improve the nutrient-absorbing ability of the body. Herbs have been known to heal and relieve us of our health problems. They can also help the colon by cleaning it and stop constipation.

These herbs that cleanse the body work in various ways. Some have laxative properties, kill parasites, or add bulk to our waste matter. They can also have fiber which helps to clean the intestines and sweep out the toxins.

Herbs That Are Used For Colon Cleanse

  • ChickweedChickweed – this herb can be found in our backyards, but you can choose to buy it already prepared in herb supply or health food stores. It is a traditional spring green that grows wild. Chickweed has many species that grow in many parts of the world, but their essential medicinal properties are the same. The best time to gather chickweed is from May until July. You will see white little flowers growing on it. You can use all the parts of the plant that grows above the ground. You can use it immediately or dry it for later. You can add it as a salad green or cook it the same way you do spinach. If you want a gentler effect, drink half a cup of chickweed tea several times a day.
  • Fenugreek – this is taken from the dried seeds of the fenugreek plant. It is a commonly used herb for many problems in digestion. This herb is used in Ayurvedic remedies and stimulates oxytocin production. It is believed to improve lactation in women.
  • Chinese Rhubarb – this Asian plant is not the same one we all know that is used in pies. Tannins and anthraquinones are the active agents in this herb. However they work in different ways. Anthraquinones are like laxatives, but tannins work in the opposite way. When the muscles in the bowels are weak and you wish to cleanse your colon, anthraquinones are very important. They won’t give you abdominal cramps while stimulating the movement of your bowels.
  • Pepperidge – also known as barberry. It is used not just as medicine but also in food. Its dried fruit has been known over the centuries as an herbal medicine for many disorders. Among these are heartburn, gall bladder disease and indigestion. If can also fight infections caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites.
  • Fennel – this plant is also famous for cooking and medicine. It is a natural colon cleanse ingredient because it has a lot of fiber. You can use it reduce bloat and to relax the intestines when you consume the seeds or drink the tea.

Herbs as colon cleanse ingredients are better than chemical ones. They also have other benefits that can keep you healthy. Talk to your doctor to see which suits you.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the right amount of dosage for natural raspberry ketone supplements.

Checking the label or the back of the bottle is a good way to do this, but there are still other people who would like to know the correct amount to buy if they’ve never tried it before. If you’re one of them, you’re apt to be frustrated with the reply, “it can depend on many things.”

Actually, this is true. It does depend on many factors. These factors will include your goals on weight loss, your weight now and a few others, including whatever supplements you’re taking.

We’ll look at the average amount in this article. But you must remember: don’t take too much because you can have severe palpitations which can cause great harm.

Basic Formula

You’ll want to know how it works before you actually find the correct dosage for you. Raspberry ketones work like chili pepper extract capsaicin supplements.

You don’t need to deal with heartburn, though. They will very noticeable raise your core temperature. There are also some people who have experienced sweating more than they normally do, and feeling warm in a cold environment.

They can also experience something quite similar to hot flashes. This is an indicator that your metabolism is working as fast as it can, so this makes for a very excellent effect. If your metabolism works at a fast rate, it means that you burn more fat.

How To Take Raspberry Ketones

taking raspberry ketoneIt’s very important for you to remember that most supplements must be taken half an hour before your first meal of the day. The appetite reducing effect can be felt even before you eat this way. You must take 200mg per day.

For optimum effects on your body, 100mg of raspberry ketones taken before breakfast and a little around lunch is best. This is the normal dosage. If you take them this way, your weight loss power will be optimized.

Most pills are usually at 100mg per dose. But there are some that are 50mg. You need to take these supplements four times a day.

You must remember that these supplements have various other ingredients mixed in them. It may mean that you have to take two every meal time. This is because the actual pill dosage may be lesser so that there will be room left for other ingredients.

This will not cause problems because it’s actually better for you. You’re getting a supplement that will not just make you lose weight but give you other nutrients for your health as well.

If the dosage you are taking is too much for you, you will feel these symptoms. It seems like you have more energy than you normally have, and your body may be warmer than usual.

Don’t worry too much; this is not dangerous because the natural supplements don’t have bad effects. You usually just expel it with your waste. Suit the dosage to your body and your needs.